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November 19, 2013
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PKMNA - Second Character - Carmilla Opaline by TokenDuelist PKMNA - Second Character - Carmilla Opaline by TokenDuelist
Bullet; PurpleName: Carmilla Opaline

Bullet; PurpleAge: 16

Bullet; PurpleGender: Female

Bullet; PurplePokémon: Sylveon

Bullet; PurpleBirthday: February 14

Bullet; PurpleHeight: 4'3''

Bullet; PurpleWeight: 98 lbs

Bullet; PurpleNature: Sassy

Bullet; PurpleAbility: Cute Charm

Bullet; PurpleHometown: Lumiose City

Bullet; PurplePersonality: Carmilla is a rather sneaky Pokemon. She has a bad habit of being intrusive and unintentionally rude. However that doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's doing - in fact sometimes she has a good grasp of it and simply wants to see the results of her actions. She does have a kind side despite all this. She is picky when it comes to styles, fashion, etc. and always decorates things to look beautiful. As such she is proud of her notebooks and text books even though it could very well anger her teachers seeing her glitter up important books.

Bullet; PurpleHistory
Born into a large family of Eeveelutions, Carmilla is the second youngest of the family. As a young Eevee, she was overall fairly girly. She enjoyed playing with dolls while her other siblings were playing video games or drawing. Her other family members didn't need much - but Carmilla was spoiled rotten growing up - leading her to have a somewhat prissy personality. She refused to evolve to something out of choice because she felt that she wouldn't look pretty enough. Causing a whole new set of problems because while her siblings have already fully evolved - even her youngest one, Carmilla hadn't yet. One day she eventually got bored of her dolls and snuck into her older sister's room and began looking through some of her art books to look at fashion, it was then she got an idea! After ransacking her sister's room to find scissors, glitter, and paints - she began messing with doll clothes until her sister returned and had a fit.

After being scolded, her sister soon learned why Carmilla had messed up her room and simply laughed it off and hugged her. Carmilla was soon confused because she wasn't used to her older siblings giving her even the time of day - or rather much affection in general. A day later her sister returned and had brought many doll clothes and craft supplies to Carmilla. The two of them spent the whole day tinkering with them, while their parents taught them how to sew clothing. Soon her whole family was gathered together being supportive of Carmilla. Later that day Carmilla quickly evolved into a Sylveon. Their family was proud of her, and studying under her older sister's wing as she grew older - she began making her own clothes. She was much happier around her artistic older sister, but her sister felt that Carmilla could do much better. One day she brought home a flyer for an institute she was offered. "I don't really like big things like this but...I thought you might be interested!" she said when she handed Carmilla a pamphlet for Armonia. Carmilla looked at all the wonderful pictures of it and was inspired by it's beauty. Soon she decided that she was headed for Armonia, with a little something from all her family members.
Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic: Mischievous

Bullet; PurpleHobbies: Carmilla loves Fashion with all of her heart. She will often be seen reading fashion magazines - and even cutting things out of them. She enjoys making her own clothes - but not too often, She prefers buying nice clothing and designing her own for fun. As a result she has a small scrapbooking and craft hobby. She also gets a few kicks out of flat-out flirting with others and sometimes causing trouble just to see how it plays out.

Bullet; PurpleMoveset
- Attract
- Draining Kiss
- Light Screen
- Dazzling Gleam

Bullet; PurpleFavorite berry flavor: Dry, Sour.

Bullet; PurpleHouse:  Cordelia

Bullet; PurpleSchool Schedule
Math II


Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts
- Carmilla's family includes: A younger playful Jolteon sister, an artistic Umbreon sister who is a few years older than her, two older brothers who are a Flareon and Espeon, a Vaporean mother, and Glaceon father.
- Carmilla's feelers/ribbons are something she loves to use often for convenience sake. Usually for holding multiple things, but they also make fun tools to tease others with.
- She loves teasing couples or people who have crushes. Just don't tell her you like someone or the first thing she'll do is likely tell them.
- On some occasions - her ribbons may get stuck together by glue accidentally.
- She has a sister complex.
- Her craft box is made by her sister and thus is the only thing she has with her that doesn't match.
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ThatFairyQuartz Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
She's like me, rude and cheeky.
ThatFairyQuartz Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Actually, I wouldn't say cheeky...
Wishingstar827 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, she's so pretty and cute! I'm not in the group yet, but my character loves fashion as well. She likes making dresses and skirts.
R3R4LJ Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy CRUD she's cute.
TokenDuelist Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Thankies .v.
R3R4LJ Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Out characters should meet or something in the future ^.^
fakemonstar Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Although I'm not part of the PKMN Armonia group, my character for the group is also a Sylveon who was born in Lumiose City.
fakemonstar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
But still, she looks amazing. I'm still not changing the species or hometown for my character. Those are staying the same. Anyways, I hope to enjoy being in the group once I join it.
Charchu-Devin Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
very lovely, loooking niice
TokenDuelist Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks! nvn
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